Hydro-rehabilitation after forest fire


Hydro-rehabilitation after forest fire

After the fire the regions of the forest, that had been burned,are endagered by stale water and connected with it dangerous ground slides,washing out seeds, pollution of waters that are located not long ago. It is caused mainly during plentiful rains by flowing off mud, alluvium and ash. Additional extremely important problems is the fact that we have much trouble with absorbability of the ground. After the fire the ground becomes a substance that has properties that make it difficult of taking water.

Hydro-rehabilitation in other words called the erosion control.

In order to recover appropriate parameters of the upper layer of damaged duff in emergency, absorbing capacity of soil and also to recover some virtues of environment on the regions after the regions after a natural disaster, the AGATA offers its own green technology of rapid reaction, or in other words called: hydro-rehabilitation. This long word means covering the burned fragments of the forest with a specially prepared water dunnage containing plants seeds, cellulose fibres, and so-called clay binder with additional usage of ground and air applicators. When we applies the burned fragments with properly prepared duff and some quantity of binder, we help to control the soil erosion to the moment until new plants sprout. This technology is exceptionally all the problems that are connected with the fire, it not only keeps water and makes the initiation of the the process of soil making faster, but it also potects not only damaged and new seeds of plants. It is also very helpful for the nature and finally it makes the landskape, that was damaged in an unusually great level, looking the same as it was before the fire of the forest. The rapidity of reproduction of the burned forests depends on the seeds the we use and weather conditions. The value added when we hydro-dynamic the regions after the fire is, at the same time, limit of dusting.

Hydro-rehabilitation is our way of reproducing nature in the forest after its fire.

Rehabilitacja, rekultywacja, odnowa lasów po pożarach

Our company AGATA makes professional and biodegradated reproduction of the afterfire regions.

The first step after fire forest disaster is the evaluation of given regions. Burned trees are potentially dangerous and they must be located and damaged immediately. The burned regions are dangerous also for their soil erosion until the moment when knew plants appear again. We can make this process faster by reproducing of regions that were burned in the highest level. We can do it thanks to mixtures of grass seeds, trees and bushes. The mixtures of seeds should be free from weeds, tested as far as their quality is concerned not to let them spread. Our experts from the AGATA firm together with experts from the cofined regions will choose the proper kinds of plants for the burned forest. Thanks to hydro-reproduction there comes the fast reproduction of natural systems.

 Rehabilitacja, rekultywacja, odnowa lasów po pożarach

In a quick, efficient and economical way the hydro-reproduction make stronger slopes, embankments, shafts. Proper choice of special grasses makes, on the one hand, the first permanent covering with greenery. On the other hand, it causes the the steep regions are stronger inside thanks to extremely branched out system of roots. As one of few firms in Europe we possess a special automobil with 6 x 6 power drive with a system of hoses thanks to which (the machine) we can penetratenearly all difficult regions. If it is necessary, we can also use special air-way equipment, in order to protect agaist errosion the most difficult to be penetrated the most difficult forest regions

Rehabilitacja, rekultywacja, odnowa lasów po pożarach


Our product - agacell®FOREST

Mass agacell®FOREST  is a mixture of properly selected seeds, natural cellulose fibres and natural binder that in an essential way helps to be adjoined even to steep hills and slopes. Highly absorbtion mass controls erosion makes better moisture, stabilizes soil and gives the necessary food forgrasses that survived the fire and new seeds of grasses, bushes and trees.

Rehabilitacja, rekultywacja, odnowa lasów po pożarach





Dustergent celluGuard® to produkt światowej klasy. Został opracowany specjalnie z myślą by wiązać małe, pyliste cząsteczki wszelkiego rodzaju podłoży naturalnych i syntetycznych. Nasza firma AGATA świadczy profesjonalne usługi zabezpieczania przed wtórnym pyleniem tym opatentowanym dustergentem. Więcej na www.kontrolapylenia.pl


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